Service is the currency to Elevation! – Inky J.
Service is the currency
to Elevation! – Inky J.



Curtis Carmichael is a STEM educator, professional keynote speaker, multi-sport athlete and the Founder of Ride for Promise–a nationwide movement cycling across Canada. As a former CFL prospect, Curtis left a path to professional football to dedicate his life to education and activism. Leading a successful $100,000 fundraising campaign with proceeds for a local Toronto charity, his nationwide impact and grassroots movement is featured in the award-winning documentary Ride for Promise

Raised in a low-income Scarborough neighborhood east of Toronto, Curtis grew up in a system that consistently failed his community. Facing immense challenges and systemic barriers, Curtis felt the weight of poverty, crime, urban decay, and poor academic performance. With the help of a mentor, neighborhood entrepreneurial skills, and incredible drive, he was able to beat the odds and see a life beyond his environment, becoming determined to be an agent of change in his community. Curtis is a powerful leader who inspires people to believe in their ability to make a difference. 

As a respected speaker, Curtis has delivered presentations across Canada and has appeared on CBC National, City News and Global News. He has received several awards spanning the community, academic and athletic spheres, including the Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces National Citizenship Award, USPORTS National Russ Jackson Award & the City of Toronto Spirit of Sport Diversity and Inclusion Award. Curtis uses his unique story and magnetic demeanour to deliver powerful messages focusing on social change, leadership, STEM & digital equity, poverty, and overcoming obstacles. Mobilizing audiences to make a difference and use their passions to transform their lives, communities and the world around them. 

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