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Curtis Carmichael’s favourite topics focus on social change, leadership, STEM & digital equity, poverty, and overcoming obstacles. Educators, community leaders, non-profits, sports teams and young people of all ages will benefit from Carmichael’s raw charisma and authenticity. As a down to earth speaker with an open book approach Curtis mobilizes audiences to have a greater social impact by using their passions and gifts to make a difference. An experience that audiences will never forget.


Professional development, Education K-12 assemblies, College/University, Workplace, Faith-Based, Teams, Camps. Keynotes, conferences, workshops, interviews & panels. Customized to meet your needs.

Mobilizing Communities

Start a Movement. Build Momentum. Create an Impact.

Curtis Carmichael’s life is a testament to beating the odds, turning a childhood in poverty to success in education, athletics, and community leadership. Leading his successful $100,000 fundraising campaign in 3 months as the founder of the Ride for Promise, he demonstrates how finding light in the darkness is a transferable life skill.

Describing his path from poverty, Curtis emphasizes the value of creating momentum for individual triumphs and ground-breaking social movements. Mobilizing audiences to find value in unlikely places, create something from nothing and use their passions to transform their lives and communities.

Ride For Promise

From Child In Poverty to Cross-Canada Cyclist

“Redefine possible” with Curtis’s story of hope and transformation. Curtis engages audiences with his inspiring story of success found in the midst of poverty; from violence, crime and his life sleeping on a couch, to becoming a STEM educator, multi-sport athlete and founder of a nation-wide movement.

With no previous cycling experience, Curtis left a path to the CFL to become one of the first Black-Canadians to cycle across Canada leading a grassroots movement advocating for marginalized youth. In an incredible feat of athleticism and drive to speak truth to power, he made his dreams a reality.

Curtis helps audiences develop a vision for life by identifying obstacles and turning them into opportunities, leaving them with a new perspective on their personal value and ability to make a difference.

The Power of Self-Awareness

Good Intentions Are Not Enough

Curtis helps audiences address perceptions of racialized and economically-marginalized communities in Canada. As the founder of Ride for Promise he shows how good intentions fall short of what is needed for all communities to thrive.

Using a powerful conversational approach, Curtis’s life demonstrates how innovation rather than aid is needed to lift people out of poverty. Providing audiences with the tools to understand self-education and mental liberation in today’s increasingly technology driven world.


  • From Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to Anti-Oppression and Anti-Racism

Curtis Carmichael offers inspirational keynotes and workshops for administrators, educators, school support staff and front-line community workers. Each workshop is 1.5 hours in length with the opportunity to customize for a half day session.

The “Unlikely” Expert

Respecting the Street Corner (Workshop)

Curtis inspires audiences to rethink their approach to education and take control of their schools, classrooms and communities in a tangible way through Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy. 

He equips educators and frontline workers to better understand the lived experiences of low income and racialized communities, and equips audiences with tools to thrive, using financial literacy, business, and STEM in the changing world.

Topics covered:

  • Culturally Relevant and Responsive Pedagogy
  • Reality Pedagogy
  • Street Corner Innovation
  • Prioritizing student voice, identity, expertise & lived experiences
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